Lip Blushing Miami

Based in Midtown Manhattan with the latest permanent makeup techniques for seamless results.

Lip Blushing Miami

Based in Midtown Manhattan with the latest permanent makeup techniques for seamless results.

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Signature Combination Brow Service

Our Most popular service. We combine hair strokes with nanoblading and shading to create the most natural brows. We achieve this look using a machine. We recommend a 6 week touchup after the initial session which will have your brows lasting for years.

Ombré Brow Service

Natural shading in the brows that give a makeup look. Can be made to look natural or more made up depending on your personal preference. This is a great option for anyone with oily skin. A machine is used to create these brows. We recommend a 6 week touchup after the initial session which will have your brows lasting for years. 

Nanoblading (the advanced version of Microblading)

Done by our master artist, hair stokes are created with a machine to create the most realistic brows. This is a 3D look and great for clients with normal to combination skin. This technique provides a filled in look that is very natural and ideal for clients who want something subtle an enhancement of what they naturally have on their eyebrows.

Lip Blushing

Lip Blushing tints the lips to give it a more pinkish appearance. The client can choose the color. When it heals the color is a light tint on the lips leaving the lips looking brighter, fuller, and more refreshed. 

Lip Blushing Neutralization

Lip Blushing Neutralization is for anyone who has darker lips. It will lift dark tones. Here we add a color corrector and when it is healed it will be a more pinkish tone. Clients might need 1-2 touchups depending on their color goals and the darkness of their lips. 

Previous Work Cover up 

Do you have a previous tattoo, microblading, or brow work that you want to change or correct? Not all previous work can be covered up. We need to see a photo before we can accept working on your brows. If you have previous work and want us to cover it please take a photo of your brows and text it to  718-962-0625. Once approved you can book with us.

Great class!!! I learnt a lot within three days and I would always recommend anyone to Mish. She was very patient and informational. She gave all the materials that is needed to become the best pmu and I feel like I’m ready to use all the information I gained and use it for my future clients. Thanks Mish Aesthetics!!

Temara Fraser

Mish was amazing!!!! I’m in love with my brows. She makes the experience so comfortable and explains everything step by step. I drove 2hrs for her work and it was well worth every minute!! Best decision I’ve ever made.

Shakia Mitchell

My experience was amazing. Mish was so professional and an expert in her field. The space is so clean and chic and she does such a beautiful job at brows. Definitely recommend them for all your brow needs

Kim Blaise

Took the 3 day microblading/ombre course and Mish and Carmen were so helpful and informative. Debated several classes for my initial foundations training and this seemed like a great option because of the 3 day option. They were both so great to learn from, and also help with continued help and resources after the class. I would definitely recommend this to anyone trying to get started in the PMU field.

Lori Choi

Mish did an absolutely amazing job on my brows! I had no hair before and now I have nice full brows that I LOVE! I highly recommend her and anyone on her team!

Rox Tran

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You may have heard of micro-shading; it’s a non-invasive procedure sought by beauty insiders seeking to enhance their eyebrows and overall appearance. The procedure has been revolutionary for individuals with thin or faint eyebrows. I launched my business to meet the demand for the hottest new makeup procedure in the beauty industry. We offer different eyebrows methods to provide you with the most natural looking brows with our technicians who are highly skilled. We offer:

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