What is Permanent Makeup and How is it Helping?

August 19, 2023

Permanent makeup, or micropigmentation, is a cosmetic tattoo technique that resembles popular makeup looks like full brows, sharp eyeliner, tinted lips, etc. Permanent makeup is done using a pen that implants pigment into your skin. 

Is it really permanent?

Although it’s called permanent makeup, it’s actually semi-permanent. While it’s not permanent, it has long-lasting results that remain visible from 1, up to, 3 years. Permanent makeup only remains on superficial layers of the skin. In addition, the ink used in permanent makeup is less concentrated than ink you would find in regular tattoo art. Your skin eventually absorbs the ink causing it to fade away in which you’ll need a touch up. 


Nanoblading is a process in which ultra-fine needles that make up one blade are used to mimic the dimensions of eyebrow hair to create a full, natural-looking eyebrow. Nanoblading creates an appearance and texture in the brow with a more defined finish. People tend to seek out nanoblading services to achieve fuller, beautiful brows and replace their tedious everyday brow makeup. 

Lip Blushing

Lip blushing is cosmetic tattooing of the lips that deposits ink into the lips to enhance the beauty and color of the lips. The ink is deposited into the lips using small needles. It provides a natural boost of pigmentation that enhances the shape and color of your lips, giving them a fuller and livelier appearance. 

Why Permanent Makeup?

Permanent makeup saves people a lot of time and money that they would usually spend on their daily makeup routines. Applying makeup takes up a lot of a person’s time especially when they are trying to get the perfect lip or symmetrical and perfect brow look. 

Permanent makeup is also very low maintenance. A permanent makeup service usually requires a touchup every 6-12 weeks or even up to a year after your initial appointment. 

Again, it saves people money. Ask yourself how much money you spend on different makeup products a year and compare it to the price of one permanent makeup service. There is definitely a significant difference between the two. 

Finally, it gives people confidence. Having the ability to wake up everyday with beautiful brows or beautiful lips can be a definite confidence booster. For example, some people seek nanoblading services because they have conditions that prevent hair growth or create hair loss. Nanoblading helps them achieve the appearance of full, beautiful brows that they thought they could never have. 


To summarize, permanent makeup is an industry with an ever-growing impact on the way we think about makeup and our appearances. It helps people save time and money, boosts their confidence, and more importantly makes them feel good. 

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