Our Services

Our trained and licensed processionals are here to help you wake up feeling beautiful. These are the services we currently offer.

Signature Brow Service

Our most advanced service and signature brow. This technique combines hair strokes and shading for the most natural brow. We achieve this look with either Microblading and Shading or Nano Blading and Shading.

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Ombré Brows

Brows shaded from light to dark. These can made to look natural or dramatic based on preference. You can achieve the make up look with this method. No hair strokes are added when doing this method.

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Lip Blushing

Lip Blushing is a technique that lightly tints the lip and defines the lip. Great for adding some color to bring your lips to life. This method does not plump the lips but it will give it the appearance of looking fuller.

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