Why Nanoblading is the new Microblading

August 19, 2023

In the world of permanent makeup, new services, products, and technologies are constantly being produced. Permanent makeup services have become a true game-changer for individuals to alter their everyday lives for the better by allowing them to wake up even more beautiful without constant makeup application. Specifically, the trend of microblading has been gaining more popularity than ever, allowing people to wake up with perfect, full eyebrows. But there’s a new up-and-coming practice that might make people say goodbye to microblading.

What are Microblading and Nanoblading?

Microblading is a process of depositing pigments into the skin using fine, short strokes that are done with fine blades. However, Nanoblading, another similar process, is on the rise that is even better than microblading.  Nanoblading involves precise needles that are combined together to create a finer blade. The use of these sharper and more precise needles replicate the same dimensions of eyebrow hairs which creates a natural brow look. 

What’s the difference?

Nanoblading is a form of brow tattooing that uses very fine needles as opposed to the thicker blades used in microblading. With finer needles, artists can demonstrate more accuracy and precision which results in a more natural-looking brow. Nanoblading produces thinner, singular strokes which also contribute to a natural brow look. In addition to this, nanoblading results can last about 12-18 months on average, which is slightly longer than microblading results.

Is Nanoblading for you?

Nanoblading causes less trauma to the skin with the use of its finer needles. Along with this, it also eliminates the risk of pigment penetrating too deep into the skin. Nanoblading will help you achieve a more natural and sleek brow look. Nanoblading is also better for people with oiler skin types in contrast to microblading results that tend to not last as long on oily skin. Unlike microblading, nanoblading is more resistant to the oils produced in the brow area. 

How do I get started?

It’s helpful to do your own research on each procedure and find photos that might inspire you in finding your perfect brow look. Finding a photo and showing them to your artist can also help facilitate the decision of which procedure is best for you. 

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