The Importance of your 6-12 week touchup

August 19, 2023

After the initial nanoblading or micro shading service, we like to ask our clients to book a touch between 6 to 12 weeks after the initial appointment. Our clients tend to ask us why they need to book a touch up. We’re here to explain how your 6 to 12-week touch-up works and why it is a crucial step. 

Why do you need a touch up?

We consider touch ups to be “perfection sessions.” After your initial appointment, your brows will lighten after it heals completely. The healing process involves scabbing that may cause pigments and hair strokes to fade. You can consider it as a 2nd step to the process since the touch up can add strokes and pigments that faded after the initial healing process. 

In addition to this, your touch up plays an important role in how long your results last. Without the touch up, your brows will only last up to a year or less.

Healing process after the touch up

The healing process after a touch up is significantly shorter than the healing process of your initial appointment. It usually takes up to a week for your brows to heal after the touch up appointment. In addition to this, not a lot of scabbing, redness, or irritation occurs. 

After booking and completing your initial appointment with us, make sure to book your 6-12 week touch up with us to get the perfect brows you want! If you’d like to book an appointment with us, you can click here

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