Become A Permanent Makeup Professional & Make A Comfortable 5-Figures Monthly Income From Your Side-Hustle ... In 3 Short Days!

Learn all the skills you need to immediately start a successful side-hustle as a permanent makeup artists, make a comfortable 5-figure monthly income and finally live life on your own terms … even if you are a total beginner or don’t have any business experience!


Why Permanent Makeup?

With the beauty industry being worth a whooping $532 billion, and with the PMU industry growing even faster, there’s an unprecedented opportunity to begin a highly profitable, stress-free & easy-to-start side hustle that will comfortably give you 5 figures every month.


Compared to other businesses or side-hustle, getting started as a PMU artist is quite simple. In our 3-Day Signature Training we're teaching you ever single step you need to take in order to become successful fast!

Make Your Own Schedule & Work For Yourself

Probably the biggest advantage when you take our training is that you will become your own boss and make your own schedule. Nobody to boss you around, nobody telling you what to do. It's time to live life on your own terms.

6-Figure Income

PMU is a very lucrative niche and making over $100,000/year can be quite simple with the right guidance. Through our training program, we simplify the process and show you the right path of making this happen as fast as possible.

Massively Unsatiated/Underserved Market

Compared to other industry that are already saturated and becoming successful is close to impossible, the PMU has a hungry market, but not enough offer. That's why if you start now, you will catch the train early and benefit from being early in the game.

Mish Aesthetics Has The #1 Permanent Makeup Live Training In NYC

Happy Customers
Trained Students
Hours Of Teaching

“Had the best time learning from Mish and Carmen! The class was not only very informative, but also fun. I feel prepared to start my own brow journey and I’m glad I chose Mish Aesthetics to train under.10/10 recommend to anyone looking to learn pmu properly!”

Ara Cho
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“This is the course you will love! Mish is very professional and very well expressive. Anyone interested in this type of training I completely recommend it. You will learn hands on training and great techniques to become a very well prepared artist.”

Terryann Lee
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“I’ve always wanted to take a microblading class and I did my research before I picked where I wanted to go to and learn from. I’m very happy I choose Mish she is very good at what she does and at teaching others. I feel confident and have learned so much.”

Andrea Pico
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How Is The 3-Day Signature Training Different?

During these 3 intense days, you won’t only learn the best techniques from two of the most popular and skillful PMU artists in NYC, but we’ll take you by the hand and walk you through the exact steps you need to take in order to start a successful business or side-hustle … even if you have zero business experience. We make it so that it’s hard NOT to succeed!

Learn From The Best

Mish Aesthetics is the #1 Rated Permanent Makeup Studio for Brows In NYC! You will learn everything from Mish herself which created the business from scratch, with no experience or outside help.

At the same time, you will be assisted by Carmen which is becoming one of the most sought-after PMU artists in NYC. She is a genius when it comes to creating beautiful, natural-looking brow … and she will teach you all her secrets.

Business & Marketing Training

Compared to the general training programs where you simply learn the skill, but there’s no guidance on how to actually start your career, we not only offer you all the support that you need to successfully start your career or side-hustle, but we show you the fastest path to make it happen.

After we introduce this special section during day 2 of the training, some of our students have started to make money after 14 days of finishing the training. You can be one of them too!

Live Q&A Section With Mish

At this point, Mish is charging close to $10,000 for a 1-on-1 session with her, but you will have unrestrained access to pick her brain in the last day.

Every single question that you have in your mind will be broken down by Mish and you will leave the 3-day training not only with a money-making, high-demanded skill, but with a clarity that you never thought possible. This is a bonus offered by Mish to all her 3-Day Signature Brows students.


By the end of the 3-day you will receive a certification of completion released by Mish Aesthetics. This will make it infinitely easier to get your first clients or even to get a job and start a career in this industry if this is what you want.

This certification is a proof that you trained under our wings and you’ve learned the latest PMU techniques for brows available today and you practiced them under our professional supervision.

Our Latest Successes

You can become one of the graduates and start a profitable, fulfilling and stress-free career!

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Meet Your Trainer

Hi! I’m Mish and I’ll be your instructor during the 3-Day Signature Training. My goal is to turn you into a ready-to-work student as soon as you leave the training room and to make you find fulfillment in the results you’ll produce for your clients.

In the past 5 years I went from knowing nothing about permanent makeup or business to having a multiple 6-figure business in the PMU industry, creating thousands of gorgeous brows for my clients that ended up changing their lives for the better.

I also became a trainer when I saw how many people need help starting out. The kind of help that I didn’t have when I quit my corporate job, but the kind of help I needed. The kind of help that would’ve helped me accomplish my goals in a fraction of the time.

The permanent makeup industry changed my life and gave me so much, and with the right training and guidance, I’m confident that it can do the same for you.

If you’re ready to start, I’m here to show you the way!

+200 Verified Google Reviews

It's Time To Start A New, Fulfilling, Highly-Profitable Career And Finally Live On Your Own Terms!

Are You Ready To Become A Successful Permanent Makeup Artist & Be Your Own Boss!?

Training Breakdown

During the 3-days we'll cover the best techniques, methods and technologies that will help you create the gorgeous, natural-looking brows that will enhance the unique beauty of your clients. They will simply love you for it!

Mapping, Skin Anatomy, Color Theory, Microblading

On this day you will learn the foundation of brow creation and our brow mapping technique. We break out the method so that it is easy for you to create the most natural shaped brows. We’ll teach you how to correct brows that are not well shaped and how to give your clients the best brow shape for their face.

Color theory and mixing are also covered in day 1. Creating the perfect color mix for your clients is extremely important when performing any brow procedure and we cover all bases for this. Lastly, you’ll learn the microblading pattern and technique. We show you how to use a handheld tool to craft natural hair strokes to give your clients realistic brows.

Ombre Powder Brows, Business, And More Mapping

On the second day, you will learn how to use a permanent make up tattoo machine, how to outline the brows and shade them from light to dark in the most natural way. You will get the chance to practice on fake skin and your dummy while utilizing the skills learned on the first day.

Forms are shown and given to you to use on your own clients. On this day we also cover basic business, marketing, and branding skills. How to properly set up your business and information on legalities and licensing.

You will practice under supervision and get instructor feedback to understand the feeling on mapping on real skin.

Combination Brows, Live Demo, And Certification

On the last day, you will learn the method of combining microblading and Ombré brows. While you are taught both methods separately we have a specific method in combining theses methods to create a very natural brow. This is our signature brow method and the technique that most clients are looking to get.

Mish performs a live demo on a model and you’ll be able to see the process from start to finish which completes their learning process. Everything that was taught comes together on this

Lastly, you will receive a certification of completion. This shows that you have completed the necessary training in order to be certified by Mish Aesthetics.

How Much Can You Make With A General Cosmetology Degree

Top 10% Income/Day


Top 10% Income/Week


Top 10% Yearly/Income


How Much Can You Make After The 3-Day Signature Brows

Average Procedure Cost/Client


Weekly Income 1 Client/Day (5 days)


Yearly Income (1 Client/Day)


Everything You Need To Start Getting Paid In 3 Days

My goal is to get you started right away. After the 3 days, you will have all the skills and equipment needed to start getting paid. Here’s what’s included in the training

Total value: $14,000

The total cost of everything that is included in the 3-Day Signature Training

Your Price: $2,950

The special price you’ll pay when you enroll in the next available
3-Day Signature Training

*Hurry Up! There are limited spots available!*
To keep the experience as personal as possible, we limit our classes to only 12 spots per session. Once the class is filled, you need to wait until the next training session

The Next Available Training

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July 29 - August 1

Training: 3-Day Signature
Location: 389 5th Ave, Suite 608New York, New York 10016333
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If you’re ready to start a high-paying career, wake up excited every morning, and comfortably make 6-figure/year … it’s time to sign up for the 3-Day Signature Brows Training!

*HURRY UP! The spots are filling up fast and we only take 12 people per training*

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