Lip Blushing Course
(2 Day Course)

Day 1

  • Skin structure information
  • Basic color theory in PMU
  • Lip mapping and pre-drawing
  • Machine set up for different types of skin and techniques
  • Hands on practice on fake skin

Day 2

  • Artist’s working station set up
  • Communication with clients and consent form.
  • Demonstration on a model
  • Hands on live model

$2600 plus tax

Course Information

When is the next course?

January 22-23 (Open for registration)

What are we offering?

2 Day Lip Blush Course.

$600 plus tax deposit required to book (deposit goes towards the total fee)

What will I learn?

Our advanced lip blush technique

You will learn our mapping method, color theory, and specialized techniques in order to create beautiful lips. Hands on training with our talented and licensed instructor with live demonstration on model. Hands on practice with a live model.

What will I receive?

  • Certificate of Completion
  • Full tool kit to get started ($500 Value)
  • Work on a Live Model with Instuctor

What sets us apart?

Our courses are designed to set students up for success. Our instructors are licensed and experienced. Many of our students have been successful in starting their businesses after taking our course.